what will the world be like?

What will the world look like - in 1000 years?

a collaborative postcard art project

The Project

The world in a thousand years … what do YOU think it will look like?

This is the central question that is at the heart of this art project. Global warming or digital realities, decaying skyscrapers or sleek spaceships soaring through the sky, vanishing into space? What do you see, when you think of the future?

This project is not about whoever sends in the most well-researched and realistic vision of the future (although those are welcome, too), but about fears and hopes, fantasies, wild dreams, worries and visions. What will it look like, the Earth, in a thousand years? What do you think? And what do other people imagine?

Those are the questions that we want to – no, not to answer – but to have a look at. A look the size of a postcard. The size of many postcards. And that is why I am handing out postcards right now, postcards that invite you to answer this question. By drawing, painting, writing, … no matter. Whatever suits putting your vision of the future onto a postcard best.

And in the meantime … tell all your friends about this website … and keep those postcards coming!