what will the world be like?

What will the world look like - in 1000 years?

a collaborative postcard art project

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Sibylle Machat
In 1000 Jahren
Postfach 2201
24912 Flensburg

Email: info[at]in1000years.com

This is a private website and an art project. Everyone is welcome to submit one or more postcards with his/her visions of the future, either anonymously or with their name on it. If the card is signed on the same side that the vision of the future is on, then this name will appear on the website as part of the scanned image of the postcard. If the name of the sender is put on the other side of the card (the side with the stamp and address on it), said name will not appear on the website.

By sending in a postcard, all publication rights regarding said postcard and the ownership of said postcard are passed on to the owner of the website.

By sending in an email or a digital image, unlimited, non-exclusive publishing rights of said email or postcard are passed on to the owner of the website by the sender.

By sending in a postcard a temporally unlimited, unpaid license of use is granted to the owner of the website. Usage here explicitly includes duplication, modification, alteration, publication, distribution, use in collected editions and all other possibilities of usage, as well as storage in digital data processing installations. Future publication in connection with other works in any (and even right now unknown forms) is explicitly granted to the owner of the website.

The owner of the website reserves for herself the right not to publish submissions; to change, arrange and select from them, and to recall them at any point in time. No right to publication exists.

If you do not want to grant these rights to the owner of the website, please do not submit anything.

No image or text on this website may be used for any purpose without the explicit written permission by the owner of the website, bar the following exception: One single image may be used as a link (online) or pointer (print media) to the website. In this case no special agreements need be made.

If texts or images published on this website breach any trademark, copyright or personal rights, we ask you to send an informal notice. The contribution in question will be removed as soon as possible.