what will the world be like?

What will the world look like - in 1000 years?

a collaborative postcard art project

Questions & Answers

– I want to participate in the project, but have not received one of the project postcards. Can I participate anyway?

Of course! Please do! Just use a blank postcard (or make one from cardboard or …), draw / paint / write / … your vision of the future onto it and mail it to:

In 1000 Jahren
Postfach 2201
24912 Flensburg


– Why do you not post the same amount of postcards every week?

The amount of postcards that go online on a Sunday is determined by the amount of postcards we’ve received in the previous week, keeping back some to tide the project over weeks when none arrive (this has not happened yet, and I hope it doesn’t start to, but I want to be able to provide you with regular updates in any case.) Right now I’m receiving ~1 postcard a week, so that’s how many are being posted. There used to be more, last year, I know, but the project is taking a seat behind me finishing my PhD and some articles I have to write, and so I’ve not been as conscientious about making it wider known as I could be. Also, there’s only so much googleads advertising space a PhD student can afford… .

– I don’t live in Germany but want to participate … what will it cost me in postage?

Not much! Here are some example rates, current as of Jan 30th:
Postcard from the USA to Germany: $0.94
Postcard from the UK to Germany: £0.50
Postcard from Canada to Germany: $1.65

– Is this some sort of advertising campaign?

An advertising campaign … for what? The future? Creativity? Washing powder? No. Nothing of the sort. “In 1000 years” is an art project, and that’s it. Started out of curiosity and interest in the question. (And because we love to get postcards :-) ).

– Talking about advertising – why aren’t you doing more of that, then?

Well, there’s a couple of reasons for that, but a) time and b) money can definitely be named as the major players. Right now, “in1000years.com” is stricktly a hobby, free-time, personal expenses kind of project, with the means and resources of such a hobby horse. And there’s only so much time and money one can invest into producing and distributing blank postcards every month. But, yes, I am looking into doing more advertising online and writing press releases and stuff, and ideas are always welcome!

– Will my name show up on the website?

– Who owns the rights to the submissions?

Regarding this and other legal matters, please visit our T&C page!

– If I predict the future correctly, what do I win?

Well, lets talk about that in a thousand years.